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Restoring power

2nd and 5th Chakra focus/balance in conduction with organs and organ removal

Professor Ingrid Stampe Villadsen

Quantum-Medicine and Medical Microbiology

It is an absolute pleasure to introduce Ingrid Stampe Villadsen from Denmark as one of QuantumPoints Speakers 2016.

We admire her for her modesty, in our eyes she is one of the true Valkyrie´s of this world.

Ingrid Stampe Villadsen´s is a Biochemist, an Internationally Certified Coach (ICC) and psychotherapist from ID Denmark.

She has worked as a professor in Microbiology and Molecular Biology for many years, including teaching and researching yeast genetics at the Technical University of Denmark.

She has also worked with Nutrition and integrative medicine in DSOM where she was the treasurer for three years. She was leader of the group creating the teaching for the creation of the joint food education in Denmark between DTU and KVL,

She is a member of the Danish Patient Safety Authority, stps.dk, and is on the advisory board for alternative therapies.

Ingrid Stampe Villadsen has worked with the SCIO/INDIGO Biofeedback for 9 years, with tremendous instant success using her unique teckink combination. 

Her focus in quantum-medicine is medical microbiology. She is a pioneer in her field.

We are so fortunate that she is going to share her unique Technics with us at our QuantumPoints Conference.


Helena Santos

The power of EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques, Aura reading and healing.

We are happy to announce Helena Santos from Portugal as one of QuantumPoints speakers 2016.

Helena Santos holds a degree in Human Sciences by UCL and a post-graduation in Arts and Cultural Management from INA. She has been devoted to the social and cultural development of Faro City Hall and has participated in various associations for the cultural, natural and artistic heritage preservation of Algarve.

Since 1987 Helena Santos has approached life as a self-development path.

She has training and wide experience in Aura reading and Healing, Psychotherapy-Hypnotherapy, Past Life Therapy,EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques (a variant of meridian therapy). Biorogonomy, also being a Magnificent Reiki/Quantum Healing master.

Helena Santos has a wonderful presence and uses her beautiful energy to enrich others life’s.

Filipa Cardoso

Heavy Metal toxicity

QuantumPoints feels privileged to have Filipa Cardoso joining us again for this years Conference in September 2016.

At our Conference in 2015 Filipa gave us a brilliant lecture and INDIGO biofeedback demonstration on how she works with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) clients, giving us a deep insight on that condition.

This year Filipa Cardoso returns with yet another interesting and very important subject “Heavy Metals”.

What are Heavy Metals? How do these toxins accumulate in the body and how do they become dangerous triggers for many physical conditions? Then most importantly how can we address this and remove Heavy Metals from the body? Filipa Cardoso will also be giving a demonstration on how she uses the INDIGO biofeedback device as one of her tools to address this world concerned issue.

Filipa Cardoso has a university degree in Business Administration and postgraduate degree in Marketing and Communication. During this time she studied alternative modalities and after 23 years in being a marketing manager she completely turned the page and became an NLP and Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner, a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Magnified Healing Master and working with radionic tables as well.

Since 2004 she devoted herself to the practice of Quantum Biofeedback, first studying and becoming a Biofeedback practitioner herself working in her home land Portugal. That soon expended as her enthusiasm for alternative healing grew leading her to become the leading Educator for the SCIO/INDIGO biofeedback practitioners in Portugal, Brazil and Spain, including taking care of the technical support for her practitioners in her arias, also travels frequently to Brazil to keep up with education modules for her practitioners there.

Well deserving after all her contributions, hard work and professionalism to the Biofeedback filed Filipa Cardoso became a Quantum Master in the year 2011. Filipa regularly holds workshops and speaks at different Conferences and is well respected among her peers and Biofeedback practitioners worldwide. Filipa automatically inspires with her loving attitude and her goal to support people with knowledge and awareness.


Professor Vani Queiroz de Alvarenga

Illness factors are the self-sabotage or psychological reversals

generated by mismanaged emotions

QuantumPoints is very proud to announce Vani Queiroz de Alvarenga one of Brazil’s most respected and loved educators and speaker in holistic methods.

At the QuantumPoints Conference Professor Vani will be talking about psychosomatic body therapy, based on the knowledge of Chinese translational medicine, which shows that 80% of illness factors are the self-sabotage or psychological reversals generated by mismanaged emotions

Professor Vani Queiroz de Alvarenga is like an ocean filled with experience and knowledge that he so humbly shares with passion

Professor Vani Queiroz de Alvarenga is a pecialist in advanced Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine – From BEIJING TRADITIONAL MEDICINE TRAINING CENTER OF THE WORLD FEDERATION AND SOCIETIES moxibustion - WFAS – CHINA. He is also a Naturopat and studied in the school of Naturopati In Ponta de Luz in Brazil.

Professor Vani  is a specialist in herbal medicine, Phytotherapy, Bach Flower essences and Saint German flower essences.

Professor Vani is a Chiropractor, a Massage Therapist and a Reiki Master. He has specialized in Kirliangraphy (Bioeletrofotografia - aura photos), Dowsing, Color therapy, Feng Shui, Quantum Therapy, Apometry, electroacupuncture, suction cups therapy, Shiatsu, Tuinah, Bioenergetics, Psychosomatic Body Therapy, EFT and is a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist.

To have the privilege to see Professor Vani Queiroz de Alvarenga at work is one of the most powerful things to witness. His professionalism, how he assesses and reads the body within minutes and how he addresses the issues at hand is extraordinary.

He was the Professor and Director of Clinical / School Atman Terapeutico Space fro 1998 - 2007,  since 2008 to the present day Vani Queiroz de Alvarenga is the Professor, Director and Partner at SPACE Holos COURSES AND THERAPIES LTD  São Paulo, Brazil.


Dr.Nipa Das

What is Energy Medicine?

It's an honor having Dr.Nipa Das joining us again this year to our QuantumPoints Conference 2016.

Nipa is a dear friend, a true jewel that brings sparkling energy in every steps she takes. Her ways of teaching and sharing are truly one of a kind and will leave a tranquil smile on your heart.

Last year Nipa was loved by all our Conference participants with the journey she took us on every day before each lecture, were we learned how to breath, how to laugh and how to relax.

This year Nipa is one of our main speakers and she will be sharing with us “What is Energy Medicine” , what is it based on, how it promote healing and how it empowers you to garner the Energy you need.

"Dr. Nipa Das comes from a science background. After graduating with Joint Honors Degree in Mathematics and Physics from King's College, University of London, she pursued a career in Operational Research followed by an international career in teaching (UK, India, and Belgium). Her teaching career spans several decades and continents.

                    I learn, I teach, I facilitate, I grow 

Alongside teaching Mathematics in International Schools and Universities in Brussels, Antwerp, Mumbai and the UK, she also ran workshops on Yoga, Stress Management and Kinesiology for both adults and students alike. In the early 90s, she developed an interest in alternative therapies and complementary medicine.

Her accomplishments in that field becoming a Dr. in Energetic Medicine, a recognized international therapist/healer, a lifestyle management consultant specializing in a range of energy therapies, Scio/Scenar Practitioner, Quantum wave Laser Therapist, Reiki Master and a kinesiologists. .Nipa has continued to remain interested and involved in education, having presented at workshops internationally, from Cairo to Kuala Lumpur to several European Countries.

Now Nipa runs a clinic in Alternative therapies and divides her time between Surrey (England) and Delhi (India).

Since our QuantumPoints Conference 2015 in Vilamoura, Algarve/Portugal, Nipa has been very busy traveling from one continent to another sharing her knowledge and expertise at difference Conferences, including the 8th Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists in October 2015 and not only being a speaker but the coordinator of the first WOQEM(World of Quantum Energy Medicine) Conference in the beautiful Pyramid Valley in Bangalore India.

Nipa specializes in treating the following conditions: Depression and anxiety, Lack of Motivation, Skin Problems, Aches and Pains, Migraines, Allergies and Children’s ailments.

Not forgetting her devotion of teaching underprivileged children in India ""Swashrit Society "education children for a better tomorrow" to empower youth by providing them with literacy, education and awareness programs to create better health.